Computers can be completely foreign to many adults and seniors. Our adult curriculum focuses on familiarizing them with computers and showing them how computers can be used in their every day life. Topics vary from Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint to using email and the internet, and photo-sharing tools such as Picasa.

Classes for adults are currently offered at the Papakolea Community Center and we are doing many private clases for those that have been displaced due to a work accident and need computer skills to get reemployed in another capacity. Previously we have held classes at; Kamehameha Early Learning Center in Maile, the Makiki Community Library, Waikiki Community Center, and the Community Technology Center at Palama Settlement. If you would like to join one of these classes please call our office at 808 523-8191.


We receive many referrals from American Job Corps, the State Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Vocational Management Consultants for classes and private lessons. 

We are grateful to Ohana Komputer for the opportunity to attend classes which enable us to increase our computer knowledge and develop additional skills. Learning is fun, exciting and challenging because the classes are held in a small group setting and conducted by patient, resourceful and skilled educators. We sincerely hope that this wonderful program will continue as we have greatly benefited from our attendance during the past five months."
Darlene Young & Grace Au, Senior Class Students at Makiki Library