Windows 7 tip: Peek

Peek gives you the power of X-ray vision to see the desktop right through your open windows. To peek at your desktop, move your cursor to the peek button, (the rectangle to the right of your clock at the end of the taskbar.) As casino spiele you hover over it, all open windows will become transparent, showing your desktop. Left click on the peek button and all open windows will instantly minimize, (this is also called the “Boss button.”) Click again, and they all come back.

Windows 7 tip: Snap it into place

Snap is a quick way to re-size open windows, simply by dragging them to the edges of your screen. Depending on where you drag a window, you can make it expand vertically, take up Gaming Industry News Weekly Recap – Tales You May Have SkippedThe AmericasThe Borgata may be the first NJ casino to get a web-based gambling license, although some are taking a chance 2014 may be the year for California Internet gambling legislation could pass. the entire screen, or appear side-by-side with another window.

To snap: left click and hold the top of a window pane and drag it to the left, right or center to snap it into place. Drag it back to the center to set it back to the original size.

Screen Shot

Take a picture of what is on your screen. To take a screen shot press CTRL and Print Scrn/SysRq in the upper right hand corner of your keyboard. You have now taken a picture of your screen. Now you can paste it into a blank word document, paint program, or compose a new email. Paste it in by pressing CTRL and the letter V at the same time.


Sorting Tables in Word

Last week we converted the text in tabbed columns in our Microsoft Word Document to a table.  Now, I”d like to sort or order the information in the table so we can easily see who will be coming to the birthday party and who will not.  Like Excel, Microsoft Word also has the ability to sort the information inputted to a table.  To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click inside the table
  2. Go to Table -> Sort

    Select Sort

  3. In the Sort Pop-up menu, select RSVP from the first Sort by pull down menu.
  4. Select Name from the Then by pull down menu.
  5. Click OK

You will nbso now find your table is sorted so the “Coming” is displayed at the top of the list, and the “Not Coming” are listed at the bottom.  Within those two sections, you will find the guests in alphabetical order.

Please note that “Ascending” means it will sort from A to Z and “Descending” will sort from Z to A.  If the table contains numbers, “Ascending” will sort from 1 to 10 and “Descending” will sort from 10 to 1.

Convert Text to Table

Convert Text to Table

If you already have existing documents where you’ve used tabs or commas to separate information, but would now like to put them in a table, you can easily do this without having to retype or copy and paste information into the new table using a feature called Text to Table.  In our example, we’ve already begun to log the RSVP list for our ‘Ohana Komputer Birthday Party in a word document.  We used tabs to separate (delimit) the information, but now we know a table will better suit our needs.

Original RSVP List

RSVP List - Tab Delimited

We can convert this to a table by doing the following:


1. Highlight the information that should go in to the table.
Highlighted Text

Click Name and drag your cursor to Buffalo Wings to highlight all the information

2. Go to Table -> Convert -> Convert Text to Table
Table Menu

Select Convert Text to Table

3. Click OK
Convert Text to Table

Accept all the defaults and click OK

Word will place all the data into a table, so we can easily see who is coming and what each person is bringing.

RSVP List with Table

RSVP List with Table

Next week, we’ll learn how to sort the data in tables.

Insert Table Button

Using Tables in Word

Consider using tables in Microsoft Word to organize your information rather than hitting the space bar or tab key.  Why?  Imagine you are putting together a birthday party invitation. You have the information typed out using tabs.

Invitation using Tabs

Invitation using Tabs

You later decide the text is too small, so you make the font larger.

Invitation with Larger Font

Invitation with Larger Font

Oh, no! Now the formatting is off and everything is not aligned. Entering information into tables, can easily eliminate this problem and make future formatting less problematic.  Creating a table is easy when you use the Insert Table Button. This button is located in the standard toolbar.  If you don”t see it, go to View -> Toolbars -> Standard.

Insert Table Button

Insert Table Button

To insert the table:

  1. Place your cursor in your document where you want the Nagra problem att hitta underhallning kommer du inte stota pa! Leo Vegas spelautomater online ar en trevlig mix mellan hogt och lagt. table to be inserted.
  2. Click the Insert Table Button.
  3. You can then select how many rows and columns you need in your table by moving your mouse down and to the right until the appropriate number of rows and columns are highlighted.  Then left-click your mouse.  In this case, we need 3 rows and casino online 2 columns.
3 x 2 Table

3 row x 2 column Table

Your table should now be inserted into your document. You can cut and paste your information into the table and resize the columns by clicking the border in between the columns and dragging it to the left or right.  Word automatically defaults the table to include a border, so if you don”t want people to know you have a table in your document, you can select the  None box from Format -> Borders & Shading.  Now you can keep all your information in line with a beautiful table.  You will see the table border in gray on your screen, but it won”t show up when you print, so your guests will never know the difference.


Final Invite using a Table

Coming up next week…

Now that you know about the benefits of having your information in a table, do you want to convert existing content to a table without having to cut and paste all that information manually?  There is a quicker way to do it, and we”ll show you how in next week”s Tech Tip Tuesday.

Insert Symbol

Inserting Symbols in Word

Insert Symbol

Insert -> Symbol

Our classes are now learning Word Processing with Microsoft Word, so we thought we”d start sharing some Word tips with you. Have you ever wanted to insert a special symbol in Microsoft Word, like copyright (©), cents (¢), Pounds (£) or Yen (¥)? All of these symbols and more, come with Microsoft Word and can be online casino added to your document in a few オンライン カジノ simple steps.

  1. Go to Insert -> Symbol
  2. Click Symbols
  3. Select (normal text) from the Font Drop Down Menu (it”s all the way at the top)
  4. Click on the character you want to insert
  5. Click the Insert Button

Symbols - (normal text)

To see a list of special characters and their keyboard short cuts, click Special Characters.
Special Characters

Symbols - Special Characters

Other symbols like copyright and trademark can automatically convert to the symbol when you type ( c ) or ( tm ) (without the spaces).