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 STEPS to Success is a new ‘Ohana Komputer program that is a systematic approach to educating a child’s mind, body and spirit. This exciting program integrates five disciplines—computer, video, music, visual arts, and dance into one large, all-encompassing program. Each of the five disciplines emphasizes self-development and awareness. Participating sites choose the package that best suits their students’ needs and schedules.

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STEPS is . . .
Start! Get started (investigation)
Train! Get some skills (learn the skill set)
Exercise! Get strong (apply the skill set)
Prepare! Get ready (evaluate and organize the process)
Show! Get out there (present process in a comprehensive and accessible format)

STEPS is a collaboration among our diverse and experienced partners. Collectively, our aim is to engage Hawaii’s youth in this exciting project and ultimately impact their futures. Hawaii’s graduation rate is only 81%. Many studies prove that project such as STEPS reduce dropout rates and improve academic performance.

Our STEPS partners include the following highly respected and very experienced individuals and organizations, all of which have extensive teaching experience and are considered tops in their fields:

Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus (HYOC) is Hawaii’s premier community youth choir. HYOC, offers a full spectrum of music education for students in grades K-12. Making music since 1961, HYOC helps foster the personal and social growth of its members while promoting self-esteem, as well as giving children a lifetime of music appreciation.

‘Ohana Komputer program director Alitoya Huxel will provide the computer instruction and personal development component.

Call ‘Ohana Komputer at 523-8191 to learn more about this exciting program and how it can benefit your school.