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Board of Directors

MidPac-25 fundraising dinner Sept 2014

Board of Directors (left to right): Alitoya Huxel, Jim Harrow (past board member), Cynthia Sunahara, Jason Fujihara (past board member), Gigi Davidson, Kiman Wong (past board member), Natalie Mun-Takata, Mark Conching. Missing: Aimee Doud, Raya Salter.

Mark Conching, President

Mark Conching has been the owner of MC Consulting since 1993.  Previously, he held marketing director positions at Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union and Airport Urgent Care.  He earned his BBA degree in marketing from the University of Hawaii.  With a specialty in the visioning process, planning sessions, marketing plans, strategic marketing, copywriting and the development of collateral materials, Mark’s clients include credit unions, banks, insurance agencies, hotels, general contractors, private schools, and nonprofits.

Alitoya Huxel, Secretary

Alitoya Huxel is experienced in as a medical biller, preschool to adult classroom educator/tutor, and curriculum writer. Working for the Tahiti International School, Ms. Huxel wrote the curriculum for 1st to 6th grade: Science, Advanced English and Computer Technology.  She also wrote the computer curriculum for Ohana Komputer in 2010.  Ms. Huxel earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Aimee Doud

Aimee is currently the Waikiki Branch Manager at American Savings Bank. She previously worked in the same capacity for Citizens Bank in Rochester, New York. Aimee earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Industrial Design with studies in business and marketing from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She is actively involved with American Savings Bank’s community reinvestment efforts which focus on improving education, strengthening families and promotion of economic vitality through their key programs such as Bank for Education and Seeds of Service.

Natalie Mun-Takata

Natalie is currently a vice-principal of Kalakaua Middle School. She enjoys the excitement of working with others to create an exemplary school. Her efforts in building partnerships between the school and the community has enriched the learning environment and has promoted student achievement at Kalakaua School. She has been employed by the Hawaii Department of Education for more than 20 years, having previously served as principal at Linapuni Elementary School.

Cynthia Sunahara

Cynthia is currently the Principal of Linapuni Elementary School. She previously served as the School Renewal Specialist for the Kaiser Complex Schools and the Principal of Pu‘uhale Elementary School from 1999-2007. She began her teaching career at Farrington High School as a Title I Reading teacher and has also been Vice Principal at Farrington High School for seven years and at Kaimiloa Elementary School for two years. She is a member of Academy 21, formerly Collaborative Action for Public Education, a Principals’ Leadership Academy and the Kalihi Business Association.

Raya Salter

Raya Salter is the principal attorney with Image Power, LLC, a practice focusing on clean energy advocacy witha focus on climate and energy justice. Raya was a senior attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council where she focused on the development of new utility business models.  She also worked to increase the deployment of clean and renewable energy in urban environments with a focus on the low income sector. Raya is an adjunct professor of law at Fordham Law School.