Our unique, three-year engaging technology curriculum uses an age appropriate, thematic approach that covers the technical skills necessary to do desktop publishing, spreadsheet, word processing, graphics, database, Internet, and multimedia. In addition, we also teach critical thinking skills that include how to organize, manipulate, formulate, and present information and data. Our curriculum was designed with the following age groups in mind: grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8

Each lesson is highly structured, culturally appropriate and pertinent to Hawaii’s residents. For example, in the desktop publishing units the students create a game board about visiting various sites around Oahu. They create the cover, rules of the game, Chance and Akamai cards, the moving pieces, an advertisement and the actual game board. In so doing so, the technology focus is on using Microsoft Publisher to combine text and graphics with borders, shadows, and WordArt.

Students learn a variety of applications in a year including Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, PowerPoint, Kid Pix and Print Artist.

In addition to the standard 35-hour curriculum, we also teach keyboarding skills for students who lack this essential skill, website design and computer animation. Through a new partnership with Kids Invent called “ Animated Science” we are able to offer classes teaching science principles and computer animation skills.