We also seek partnerships with other non-profit organizations to establish technology centers within the community.  Our longest running program is with the Community Technology Center at Palama Settlement.  Since its inception in September 2004, the program has been expanding.  There are now approximately 650 seniors, adults and kids each month taking computer classes. Many of the seniors and adults had never used a computer before and are very excited about the progress they are making.

In the summer of 2010 we opened a new community technology center at the Makiki Community Library and are now teaching several adult and senior classes as well as children’s classes.  We recently celebrated our first year of operationing the Computer Lab at the Makiki Community Library.  Our programs have become so popular amongst the seniors, there is a wait-list in many of our classes.

In the Fall of 2012, we opened a new technology center at Lanakila Pacific in Wahiawa.  That program focuses on disabled adults.  Below are our most recent class participants:

If you’re interested in joining a class, please take a look at our class schedule for Adults & Seniors and Children and Teens.