Adult / Senior Classes

Our adult curriculum focuses on familiarizing all students with technology and showing them how computers can be used in their every day life. ‘Ohana Komputer offers a group and individual classes covering a variety of topics below for both beginners and advanced students:

Computer BasicsMicrosoft ExcelGoogle Docs
KeyboardingMicrosoft PowerPointApple iPad
Internet and EmailMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft Surface
Microsoft WordMicrosoft PublisherAudio, Visual, Graphics

Due to COVID-19, all classes are being taught online using Zoom.  If you haven’t use Zoom before, don’t worry.  We’ll ensure you’re all set-up prior to beginning any one of our private or small group classes.

Computer Basics

Why are there two buttons on that mouse anyway?  What’s the difference between one click and two?  Learn the basic ins and outs of your computer.

Take control of your PC!  Learn to use the tools in your control panel to manipulate display formats and to install software.  Manage the layout of your desktop, manipulate window sizes, and use your taskbar.  Navigate through your files, put shortcuts on your desktop and create quick text files with Wordpad.

Internet & Email

Become part of a global community by learning how to communicate and conduct business via the Internet. You will learn to create and send e-mail, attach files to your messages, master your web browser, find information using popular search engines and web directories, download files and utilize both forums and chat rooms.  It’s all a just click away!

Word Processing

Learn the ins and outs of using your word processing software to make your work more productive and less stressful.  All the basics are covered: formatting and editing text, including drag and drop; using menus, buttons, keyboard shortcuts, templates; search and replace commands; document formatting including rulers, margins, layout, headers, and footers; printing.


“Spreadsheet” is a term that comes out of accounting (not the laundry). Set up a spread-sheet by learning how to:  change cells and text sizes; use the Fill commands; insert rows and columns; graph data and select chart types; protect cells; add color, borders, and shading; sort and query data.


Think how nice it would be to have your contact or address book on the computer so you could always have a current address on file, make a list of business contacts for the city you are travelling to, or print out all your Christmas card labels – in red and green with holly! This is only one example of the ease with which databases can handle those large information jobs that we all dread. This lesson will teach you how to create custom databases for work, school, or home and let the machine do the grunt work.

Audio, Visual & Graphics

What is a graphics file?  What tools can we use to create new graphics.  How can we edit and store graphics files?  We’ll explore ways of creating new graphics with drawing and painting tools, a scanner, and a digital camera.  We’ll see how to manipulate our images and how to save them into our design gallery.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is the catch-all phrase to describe those flyers, periodicals, brochures, newsletters and resumes you can produce on your computer.  Learn how to use layout tools, object grouping, and word-wrap patterns.  Create fast publications with newsletter and flyer templates and wizards.  Add tables, import spreadsheet data, and photographic images from Encarta and the internet.

Multimedia Presentations

Overhead projections can no longer compete with the impact of a presentation made by a computer.  Learn how to design and customize your computer show with sounds, graphics, and narration.  Use slide building and transition techniques, and capture their attention with your custom animation.  You’ll be amazed how something so simple can look so professional.

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