Could you pass this test?

See the steps for the Volcano level test below: Try it…did you pass?

  1. Launch Microsoft Word 2003 and paste the following to a new, blank Document


 to the Hawaiian Islands

Submitted by: NAME

Hawaii Whale Watch Safety Contest

This packet includes:

Entry Letter

Research Report

Migration Diagram

Illustration of Factors that Effect Migration

Examples of Humpback Whale Tails

  1. Zoom out to 75 percent, then select the first three lines of text
  2. Center the text, then change the font and increase the text size to 20 point
  3. Backspace the text before ‘To’ so the Text is on two lines
  4. Highlight the text “Submitted by NAME”, then choose edit ?cut
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Position the cursor below the last line of the text, in the center of the page. Paste the text “Submitted by NAME”
  6. Delete the text “NAME” and enter your name
  7. Bold the text “This packet includes:”
  8. Highlight the text from “This packet includes to “Examples of Humpback Whale Tails.” And select format ?paragraph. Select double from the Line Spacing drop-down list and click ok. Deselect the text
  9. Apply bullets to the five lines of text from “Entry Letter” to “Examples of Humpback Whale Tails.” Deselect the text
  10. Insert an Image after the phrase ‘Hawaii Whale Watch Safety Contest’ and before the Bolded phrase ‘This packet includes:
  11. Use the Internet or ClipArt
  12. Resize the Image so all information is on one page
  13. Center and Add a Border to the Image
  14. Hint: May need to use the Rectangle Tool
  15. Insert a De beroemde Spaanse schrijver Miguel de Cervantes refereerde in zijn boek Don Quichot tussen 1601 en 1602 naar blackjack . wordart Title named “Kohola” in the Header.
  16. Center and format the WordArt: change the Fill Effects, add a Border or change the Shape
  17. Enter the Date using Insert > Date and Time into the Footer
  18. Center the Date, Change the Font and increase the Font Size to 14 point
  19. Select autoshapes ?basic shapes and choose an option. Draw the shape over the Date in the Footer
  20. Send the shape behind the text and apply a fill color and border to the shapeUse the Line Tool to create a line approximately 4 inches (10 centimeters) long 4 spaces after the bulleted list OR access Format > Borders and Shading and select ‘Horizontal Line’
  21. Format the Line with thickness and Color
  22. Use the copy and paste commands to duplicate the line. Position the new line below the ‘Submitted by’ and your name
  23. Confirm all information is on one page: Use Print Preview
  24. Save, print and close the file, then exit Word