Staff & Associates

Gigi Davidson, Executive Director

Gigi founded ‘Ohana Komputer in 2000 and has since developed all of our programs from the ground up. She holds a Masters degree in International Business from American Graduate School of International Management and a BA in Business, Economics, and French from Rollins College. She formerly owned Futurekids Manoa (a computer training franchise), and held positions as an Account Executive with National Securities, and Vice President in International Banking at First Hawaiian Bank. Gigi is committed to serving the community and is currently a Hawaii International Child board member and also serves on the Hawaii Job Corps Council.


Alitoya Huxel, Program Director

Alitoya Huxel is an experienced medical biller, preschool to adult classroom educator/tutor, and curriculum writer. At ‘Ohana Komputer, she continues to keep the classes current, relevant and up to date, offering and teaching summer classes such as creating apps, becoming a comic book creator or being a digital film maker creating PSAs for the Island. Working for the Tahiti International School, Alitoya wrote the curriculum for 1st to 6th grade: Science, Advanced English and Computer Technology.  She also wrote the computer curriculum for ‘Ohana Komputer in 2010 and now oversees the development of an interactive online version to accommodate distance learning. Alitoya earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Business in Administration from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and also holds a Computer-Aided Design degree from the California Design College.

Other Team Members

In addition, ‘Ohana Komputer has several part-time teachers, curriculum writers and a grant writing consultant. All of which are updating all curriculum to an animated interactive online platform. There are also 3 teachers currently teaching our adult classes remotely through Zoom (call (808) 523-8191 to sign up) and our in person location at Our Lutheran Savior Elementary and middle school in Aiea